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2010 is not the end for the Art Miles Mural Project.  It is a new beginning.  AMMP envisions a world where even the most remote towns and tribes can experience the wonder of this powerful art exhibit and contribute to its growth.  AMMP exhibits utilize multimedia projections which can be taken anywhere that a computer, a projector, and extra batteries can be hauled.  Mural exhibits can be projected on the side of any relatively flat surface, and murals can be painted in almost any environment.  The Art Miles Mural Project intends to continue to include new painters and to exhibit on scales both great and modest.

Today, we are reaching out to you as well as AMMP’s thousands of global supporters for help with a very special CD project.  We are building the soundtrack to the Art Miles Mural Project global exhibits.  Using instrumental tracks, we will mirror the intent of the Art Miles Mural Project to communicate across cultural and language barriers in the effort to create global harmony.  This soundtrack will span twelve CDs – one for every Mile of our project, and its sale will raise funds in support of Art Miles events around the globe.  Together, we can ensure that individuals in all nations have the opportunity to come together with their friends and neighbors to create a message of hope which is sent to the world.

Song submissions for Miles of Music will be posted online for everyone to enjoy.  Artists cand even specify which mile of murals they would like their track to represent.  All submissions will be made available for sale as individual downloads online for one dollar per track.  %100 of the proceeds will go directly to the Art Miles Mural Project.  From these submissions, members of the Art MIles Music Mile will choose tracks for a special CD series which will be available for sale.  Each CD will represent one mile of murals and contain twelve tracks of original instrumental music.  It  will include liner notes on each of the selected tracks along with the story of Art Miles as told by founders Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis.  The CDs will help to tell the AMMP story as well as raise funds in support of the project.  Together, we will assemble twelve unforgettable Miles of Music to carry our message of global harmony on the wind as well as on our canvases.

For additional information on how to submit a song to this project, visit our Song Submissions page. 

To contact the Music Mile Coordinator or the Art Miles Mural Project, visit our contact page. 

For more information about Art Miles, click on the Art MIles Mural Project link, or visit www.artmiles.org.

Dear Friends of Art Miles
For twelve years, Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis have helped us create global harmony through the arts as they nurtured this amazing project.  Their efforts have allowed thousands of people in over 100 countries to contribute to an art exhibit dedicated to sending messages of peace, caring, and love around the world.  The twelve miles of murals being painted by AMMP participants are destined for the Great Pyramids of Egypt in 2010.  There they will grace the exterior of a Fourth Pyramid in a stunning demonstration of the combined efforts of 150,000 voices speaking in a language common to all human beings - the language of art.xt.
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