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Thank you for considering a song donation to the Art Miles Mural Project's soundtrack, Miles of Music.

We would be pleased to include songs from both professional and amateur musicians and student groups.  Please include the following information with your submission:
-Your Full Name (Contact Name)
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Band Name - if applicable
-Full Names of all contributing artists, producers, engineers, etc. whom you wish to see credited
-Which Mural Mile your track will represent - if applicable
(If no mile is specified, we will place your song appropriately.)
-Any photos of you and/or your band
-Any personal stories regarding your experience with AMMP and your decision to make this very         Special Donation to our global CD project.

Please Note - You will not lose any personal rights to any song you submit to this project.  By contributing your music, you will be giving AMMP the rights to use said track in any of it's projects and exhibits as well as to sell that track to raise funds for the project.  %100 of all profits we raise will go directly to Art Miles global projects and exhibits, and you have our sincere thanks for your contribution!

To submit your track via email, forward your song and information to

To submit your track by mail. send your CD and information to
String Theory School of Music
5 Church Lane
Suite Four
East Lyme, CT 06333
ATTN: Miles of Music

Song Submissions